Abbreviations & Acronyms

ART Agile Release Train
BO Business Owner
BV Business Value
BVIR Big Visual Information Radiator
CapEx Capital Expenses
CD Continuous Delivery
CE Continuous Exploration
CFD Cumulative Flow Diagram
CI Continuous Integration
CoD Cost of Delay
CoP Community of Practice
DoD Definition of Done
DSU Daily Stand-up
EA Enterprise Architect
EO Epic Owner
FW Firmware
HW Hardware
I&A Inspect and Adapt
IP Innovation and Planning (iteration)
LPM Lean Portfolio Management
MBSE Model-Based Systems Engineering
MMF Minimum Marketable Feature
MVP Minimum Viable Product
NFR Non-functional Requirements
OE Opportunity Enablement
OpEx Operating Expenses
PDCA Plan, Do, Check, Adjust
PI Program Increment
PM Product Manager
PO Product Owner
PO/PM Product Owner/Product Manager
ROAM Resolved, Owned, Accepted, Mitigated
RR Risk Reduction
RTE Release Train Engineer
S4T SAFe® for Teams
SA SAFe® Agilest
SAFe® Scaled Agile Framework
SBD Set-Based Design
SM Scrum Master
SoS Scrum of Scrums
SP SAFe® Practitioner
SPC SAFe® Program Consultant
STE Solution Train Engineer
SW Software
UX User Experience
VS Value Stream
VSE Value Stream Engineer
WIP Work in Process
WSJF Weighted Shortest Job First
XP Extreme Programming