Implementation Roadmap

To achieve the desired organisational change, leadership must 'Script the critical moves'. When it comes to identifying those critical moves, a successful adoption pattern has emerged, as follows:



  • The Tipping Point comes from:
    • Pro-Active Leadership e*
    • Burning Platform - Fire fighting - something that's hurting us, now


  • Create a LACE (Agile PMO):
    • Lean
    • Agile
    • Centre of
    • Excellence


  • Identify Value Streams and ARTs, to achieve KPIs.
  • Essential that Executives, Managers, Leaders are trained!
  • Focus on the Business Benefits of SAFe:
    • Improving business outcomes for companies of all sizes across the world. SAFe has produced dramatic increases in time to market, employee engagement, higher quality, higher customer satisfaction, and overall improved economic outcomes. It also helps create cultures that are more productive, rewarding, and fun.

e* 30 -75% faster time to market