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IP - Innovation & Planning Iteration


  • Facilitates reliability, Program Increment readiness, planning and innovation
  • Innovation: opportunity for innovation, hackathons and infrastructure improvements
  • Planning: Provides for cadence based planning
  • Estimating guard band (contingency) for cadence based delivery
  • Ensure to provide sufficient capacity margin¬† (contingency) to enable cadence!



IP Iteration calendar

This sample IP Iteration calendar provides a standard schedule and format. Blue items are for a single ART, whilst orange are for Solution Train events:





I&A - Inspect & Adapt


Consists of three parts:

  • The PI System demo
  • Quantitative measurement
  • The problem-solving workshop
  • Attendees: Teams and stakeholders
  • Timebox: 3 - 4 hours per PI



PI System demo


At the end of the PI, teams demonstrate the current state of the solution to the appropriate stakeholders.


  • Often led by product Management, POs and the System Team
  • Attended by Business Owners, program stakeholders, product Management, RTE, SMs and teams



Program performance reporting


As part of the Solution demo, teams compare planned vs actual PI Objectives.


  • Teams meet with their Business Owners to self-assess the business value they achieved for each objective
  • Each team's planned vs actual business value is the rolled up to the Program Level in the Program Predictability Measure



PI Predictability Measure


The PI Predictability Measure shows whether achievements fall into an acceptable process control band.


Threshold is between 80 - 100% e*




The problem-solving workshop


Team conducts a short retrospective, then systematically addresses the larger impediments that are limiting velocity.