SAFe House of Lean



  • The Goal: Value e*
    • Shortest sustainable lead time
    • Best quality and value to people and society
    • High morale, safety and customer delight
  • Respect for people and culture
    • People do all the work
    • Your customer is whoever consumes your work
      • Don't overload them
      • Don't make them wait
      • Don't force them to do wasteful work
      • Don't impose wishful thinking
    • Build long-term relationships based on trust
    • Cultural change comes last, not first
    • To change the culture, you have to change the organisation
  • Flow
    • Optimise continuous and sustainable throughput of value
    • Avoid start-stop project delays
    • build quality in; flow depends on it
    • understand, exploit and manage variability
    • Integrate frequently
    • Informed decision making via fast feedback

"Operating a product development process near full utilisation is an economic disaster" - burnout!


  • Innovation (Blue Sky)
    • Producers innovate; Customers validate
    • Get out of the office (Gemba* - the real place) - and close to the work
      • "No useful improvement¬† was ever invented at a desk" - Taiichi Ohno
    • Provide time and space for creativity
    • Apply innovation accounting - review
    • Pivot without mercy or guilt (emotion)
  • Relentless improvement (upon current processes)
    • A constant sense of danger
    • Optimise the whole
    • consider facts carefully, then act quickly
    • apply lean tools to identify and address root causes
    • Reflect at key milestones; identify and address shortcomings

"Those who adapt the fastest, win"


  • Leadership
    • Lead the change - Motivate
    • Know the way; emphasise life long learning. Mistakes -> Learn
    • Develop people
    • Inspire and align with mission; minimise constraints
    • Decentralise decision making
    • Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers

"People are already doing their best; the problem is with the system.

Only management can change the system"